Timişoara Municipality is the local authority of the City of Timişoara. History of the local government in Timişoara begins in 1718, but the Romanian administration dates only since 1919.
The public administration of the Timişoara’s municipality it is organized and operates under the provisions of Law no. 215/2001 for the local public administration, in accordance with the Decisions of the Timişoara’s Local Council.

The government of Romania is based on the principle of local autonomy, exercised by the local governments represented – in the cities – by the Local Council as deliberative and Mayor (through the City Hall) as the executive authority.

The mayor, the deputys mayor, the secretar, and the others officials form the Municipality of Timisoara, a functional structure with an ongoing activity that implements the decisions of the Local Council and the Mayor. The public servants of the Timişoara’s City Hall are almost 600 people, spread across several departments.