About the project

Creating a framework and developing contents for tomorrow’s youth centers consists of equipping youth centers and youth organisations which are partners in the consortium with a series of competences and skills for young people and youth workers and working methods and tools for the same categories adapted to the needs of the future. More precisely, the project aims at creating a framework for tomorrow’s youth centers, based on an innovative approach. PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES: The purpose of the project is to create a framework and to develop contents for tomorrow’s youth centers- in the EU, involving 4 youth organisations and one public authority, over the period of two years and a half.


  • Developing and testing a set of tools for youth work (based on the criteria of the European Council Quality Label) in the four youth centers of the consortium over the period of two years and a half.
  • Creating and testing needs-adapted contents focused on career planning and youth inclusion in the four youth centers of the consortium, over the period of two years and a half.
  • Developing a platform for the use of young people in Timisoara and intersted in Timisoara (covering events, trainings, youth exchanges, etc.), over the period of two years and a half.

WHY TRANSNATIONAL The project envisages both local (Timisoara City Hall, (FITT) and transnational cooperation (Roter Baum- DE RIS-SL, Nuorisokeskus -FL and Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona-SP ) with the purpose of using a broad spectrum of experiences and qualifications (from different partners). The project has to be carried out at a transnational level, because it will pilot youth centers equipped for the needs of tomorrow’s society. The pilot youth centers will become an example of good practice for youth centers elsewhere and the intellectual outputs, multiplier events and trainings foreseen in the project will reinforce its transnational dimension. The project will have several results that are not covered by intellectual outputs, multiplier events and training activities.

  • Youth centers and participating organisations:-will increase their capacity of cooperating with organisations from abroad- the consortium will work together for 2 years and a half both on continuous activities and punctual events and meetings. As shown above, consortium partners in different combinations have worked together previously, but the scale of this project is bigger than any project of before.-will be prepared to offer solutions to young people for tomorrow’s labour market- the activities in the project will focus on identifying skills and competences for the future-will contribute with information and support to the setting up of the European Area of Skills and Competencies-will improve their working methodology (synergies between training, education, youth activities)-will have a better approach in tackling social inclusion (young people with fewer opportunities)
  • Youth workers in the four youth centers will be better equipped with competencies (through trainings and methodologies) to support young people for the jobs of tomorrow and will benefit from the conditions that an international work environment provides (25 staff and youth workers)
  • Young people (60) will benefit from trainings on two major topics (career panning and access to labour market and social inclusion in the context of the youth center for tomorrow).
  • Young people will also become aware of the Erasmus plus Programme, of the benefits of a EU wide system of recognition of skills and competencies; young people will work and interact with youth workers and other young people from other EU countries.
  • Employees and collaborators of the consortium partners will develop their skills in working in project based activities and will build communication channels.
  • Timisoara will increase its profile as city for young people- through the intelectual outputs and the activities, but also through the direct participation of Timisoara Municipality.

Three intellectual outputs:

  1. Study on the needs of employees of a youth center that wants to acquire/implement quality standards – Quality Label for Youth Center (program of CoE) and methodology for youth work based on the standards
  2. Handbook for efficient correlation between youth centers’ activities and the labor market- use your creativity today to find a job tomorrow
  3. Compendium for youth work in the field on social inclusion and social equity in tomorrow’s youth center